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Baadam Halwa Recipe

This is a very tasty Indian Baadam Halwa Recipe. This Baadam halwa Recipe is one of the best Halwa I’ve ever had and very easy to cook.


Preparation – 10 minutes

Cook – 20 minutes

Ready in- 30 minutes

Serving –  2

calories – 132


⦁ Almond(soaked in water for 5-6 hours) – 1 cup

⦁ Sugar – 1 cup

⦁ Ghee – 1 cup

⦁ Cardamom(elaichi) – 4/5

⦁  saffron(Kesher) – 9/10


First peel the almond , which will be easy  as they have been soaked in water. If almond are not soaked then boil them in water for 5 to 6  miniutes and make peeling easy.

Now mix the almond and milk together in a mixer jar and grind them and make a coarse paste.

Now heat the frying pan. A non-stick pan would be better as almond tend to stick to the pan while frying. now pour 1 spoon ghee in pan then add Almond paste then add sugar. 

Now fry Almond past until it turns light brown. now put saffron to the halwa. saffron should be soaked in milk for 10 miniutes. then fry halwa continuously until it turns light brown. 

baadam halwa Now add Cardamom(elaichi) and 1 spoon ghee to the halwa and fry.when halwa turns into light brown . 

After it turns light brown pour halwa in a bowl and garnish with almond.

Baadam ka halwa is ready.

Nutrition Facts

it provides fiber, protein, vitamin E, magnesium which is very healthy for heart.


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