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Homemade chocolate recipe

This is very tasty HOMEMADE CHOCOLATE. This Homemade chocolate  is very tasty and very easy to cook home.



Preparation – 10 minutes

Cook in – 20 minutes

Ready in – 30 minutes

Pieces – 12-15 pieces


⦁ Dark compound – 1 Bar

⦁ Milk compound – 2 Bar 

⦁ Ghee – 1 tsp

⦁ Dry fruits – 1/2 cup (Almond, cashew and walnut)


First of all take 1 bar of dark compound and 2 bar of milk compound and the other side  chop the dry fruits.

Now turn on the flame and put water in  pan. Than put a stainless steel pan or glass bowl on top. Be careful that base of the bowl do not touch the water.

Now add 1 bar of dark compound and 2 bar of milk compound on bowl and let it melt on low/medium flame.

On the other side, heat a pan add ghee and let it heat and than add dry fruits. Roast it for a minute on low/medium flame. 

Also stir compound in between and let them melt properly. Once the compound melted compleatly, turn off the flame and add the roasted dry fruits and mix it well.

Now take a chocolate mould(tray) and pour one big spoon mixture in each mould and than put them in refrigerator for one hour.


After one hour takeout the mould from refrigerator and gently take out the chocolates from the moulds and keep them in a jar.

TADA your chocolate is ready.

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